Everything about LEMILA

Since our foundation in 1994, LEMILA has become a byword for affordable quality, and what began as a small manufacture in Hungary is now a well known brand in many European countries. Based on the complexity and contradictions of contemporary women, we design, manufacture and distribute our lingerie to be famous about being modern and trendy, and in addition about high quality, and not only young, fashionable women, but all ages find the right product for them.

With our wide range of sizes and colors, we strive to meet every need and design more and more collections to suit ever changing needs.

Considering modern women the philosophy of LEMILA is offering the opportunity to find for every women their personal style by mixture of colors and fabrics.

Although we are planning a lot of innovations for the next years, we still have the intention of women’s lingerie and LEMILA name to be the same.

We offer our products for  customers in our shop in Újpest, and for retailers in our wholesale stores.